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Lodging a child safe environment compliance statement

A child safe environment compliance statement is a statement from your organisation about your child safe environment policies and procedures. Lodging a statement is a mandatory requirement for all organisations providing a health, welfare, education, sporting or recreation, religious or spiritual, childcare, cultural, party, entertainment or residential care service wholly or partly for children.

Existing organisations should have already lodged a statement. Newly formed organisations must lodge a statement within 10 days of putting the policies and procedures in place.

Organisations must lodge a statement online or post it to the department. There is no cost for lodging a statement.

If a compliance statement is not lodged a penalty of up to $5,000 may apply.

Lodge your statement online

To lodge your statement online, complete the relevant online form:

Lodge your statement in hard copy

To lodge your statement in hard copy, download and complete the following compliance statement form relevant to your organisation type:

Send your hard copy statement to:

Child safe environments
GPO Box 1152
Adelaide SA 5001

Alternative statements

You may choose to lodge a statement in a different format to the forms above, as long as the statement shows that your organisation complies with the standards and principles published by the Department for Education.

Even if you choose to write your own statement, the templates above are a good guide to what information is required.

How often are compliance statements required

If your organisation can confirm that its child safe environment policies and procedures are of a standard set by the department, this is a once-off requirement.

If your organisation is still working towards meeting these requirements, you must lodge a statement clearly showing your progress towards establishing a child safe environment. You must lodge a further statement once all requirements are in place.

What happens after your statement is lodged

Organisations are strongly advised to keep a copy of the statement for their records. Wherever possible the statement should be tabled at the organisation’s annual general meeting or other appropriate forum.

Organisations seeking funding or entering into contractual arrangements with government organisations may be requested to provide evidence of their statement.

The Chief Executive of the department may ask for further information about an organisation’s child safe environment policies and procedures at any time. Organisations must respond to such written request for information within 10 business days.

Compliance statement fact sheet

The compliance statement fact sheet (PDF 302KB) has more information about:

  • why organisations need to lodge a statement
  • when organisations need to comply
  • who must lodge a statement.


Child Safe Environments

Phone: 8463 6468
Email: educationchildsafe [at] sa.gov.au