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Relevant history obligations for child safe environments

A relevant history assessment involves undertaking an assessment of certain background information about a person for the purpose of determining whether the person may, if appointed to, or engaged to act in a position, pose a risk to the safety of children. 

Relevant history information requirements apply for people who perform prescribed functions.

Prescribed positions and prescribed functions

A person performs a prescribed function if they:

  • have regular contact with, or work in close proximity to children on a regular basis and are not directly supervised at all times
  • supervise or manage persons who have regular contact with, or work in close proximity to children on a regular basis
  • have access to records relating to children in connection with child protection services, education services, health services, disability services or court orders and proceedings
  • undertake functions of a type prescribed by regulation, currently the provision of overnight care or a prescribed passenger transport service.

A person occupies a prescribed position if they perform one or more prescribed functions. 

Obligations of organisations

Organisations providing certain services wholly or partly for children must ensure that before a person is engaged or appointed to a prescribed position, an assessment of their relevant history is conducted. Assessments must then be conducted at least every 3 years.

This applies to any person who will be appointed or engaged as an employee, volunteer, contractor, sub-contractor or agent.

This applies to all government and non-government organisations, businesses, services providers and incorporated and unincorporated groups that provide health, welfare, education, disability, sporting or recreational, religious or spiritual, cultural, entertainment or party, childcare or residential services.

Exemptions from this requirement may apply in some circumstances. 

Organisations must ensure procedural fairness when conducting relevant history assessments.

Obligations of sole traders, people in partnerships, and responsible authorities

Sole traders, people working in partnerships, and responsible authorities who provide certain services for children cannot perform a prescribed function unless in the past 3 years they have obtained:


A parent, guardian or carer can make a written request to see the certificate, letter or report.

This applies to services in health, welfare, education, disability, sporting or recreation, religious or spiritual, child care, cultural, entertainment, party or residential, that are provided wholly or partly for children.

To apply for a child related employment screening, visit DHS

To obtain a criminal history report, go to SAPOL.  


Child safe environments

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