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Media play and resources in OSHC

Media play is among the most popular activities in out of school hours care (OSHC). Television, music, video games and computers provide entertainment and educational opportunities that children enjoy.

They can be used alongside and in combination with other activities like playground play, dancing, craft and creative production.

Children and media in OSHC

Children and media in OSHC (PDF 733KB) is a resource based on a 3 year study funded in part by the department, the Out of School Hours Care Association of South Australia, and Flinders University.

The research was conducted by Dr Karen Orr Vered.

The resource is designed to assist OSHC staff:

  • evaluate media use in their service
  • guide children to become responsibly self-monitoring, self-regulating, confident and happy with their media use.

OSHC media resource sheets

A series of media resource sheets have been developed for OSHC staff, management and families to consider:

  • the importance of media play in the OSHC setting
  • the contribution of OSHC in helping children develop their media competency
  • the effective management of media use in OSHC.

Resource sheets


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