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Child and Family Health Services governance structures

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The department has responsibility for coordinating the policy direction and initiatives of Child and Family Health Services, Parenting SA and the Early Childhood Intervention program. A child and family health integration committee supports this work, and is made up of the:

  • chief executive of the Department for Education 
  • chief executive officer of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN)
  • executive director, State-wide Services and Child Development
  • chief operating officer of WCHN.

Both agencies work together on policies, initiatives and activities. The director of the Child and Family Health program reports to the chief executive and the State-wide services executive director on these issues.

Staffing is the responsibility of WCHN.


Operations directorate

Phone: 08 8226 1744
Email: education.chiefeducationofficer [at] sa.gov.au