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Corporate governance structures

There are 3 tiers of corporate governance committees:

  • Tier 1 committees are set up by the chief executive and are the peak decision-making groups for our whole department.
  • Tier 2 committees are subcommittees for specific strategic issues over a set time. They support the decision-making of tier 1 committees. They are mainly set up by tier 1 committees, but the chief executive may also set up other tier 2 committees.
  • Tier 3 committees are set up under the authority of tier 2 committees or our Senior Executive Group (PDF 351KB) (if there is no appropriate tier 2 committee). Tier 3 committees support the work of tier 2 committees.

The terms of reference for all corporate governance committees must be developed in consultation with the Office of the Chief Executive so that all committees are consistent in the way they operate.

Other corporate governance structures

Governing councils

Governing or school councils have their own terms of reference template (Word 34KB) that is used as a starting point.

Corporate office executive committees

Some of our corporate office groups also have an executive committee that sets the strategic agenda and direction of their division.


Boards can be set up by the chief executive to give direction and advice to the chief executive or Senior Executive Group (PDF 351KB)


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