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Delivering world-class technology in country schools

Country schools and preschools can benefit from world-class technology through a number of programs, projects and systems. You can access high-speed internet and advanced ICT infrastructure, support and systems that make teaching easier.

Find out more by watching the video below or reading the information on this page.

ICT support for country schools video

Video transcript

We are working to make sure our schools and preschools in country South Australia have access to the digital capabilities and technology they need to deliver world-class education.

Since 2019, we’ve installed high-speed internet at 99% of schools and preschools across South Australia. 

We’ve upgraded the ICT network cabling of a significant number of country schools, ensuring they can benefit from world-class internet. And, we’ve expanded our regional ICT support program, providing schools and preschools with better more cost-efficient ICT support, enabling them to focus on what really matters – teaching and learning. 

Now that we’ve got the right digital foundations in place, we’re working on a number of other ICT upgrades and improvements, including, the Education Management System, a student-centred digital platform to help schools and preschools manage administration tasks and support teachers to do their job. 

The preschool upgrade project, which will provide country preschools with new devices, training, and upgrades to Wi-Fi, and take the hassle out of ICT. 

EDPass, which will deliver a simplified login function, making access to essential programs quicker and easier through the EDPass dashboard. 

And phase 2 of Swift, will provide schools with better cyber security protection through the Swift portal. 

These digital technologies and approaches will enable world-class teaching and learning while improving and reducing administrative processes. 

The support we’re providing to our country schools and preschools will ensure the best learning outcomes for every child and student, regardless of where they live.

Education Management System (EMS) for administration

The EMS is a student-centred online platform to help schools manage their administration, from student enrolments to finance.

It’s fully funded for all country and metropolitan schools and preschools, eliminating the need to pay a license for other online management products.

The EMS also includes a learning management tool called Frog, which gives teachers an online immersive space to create and share lesson plans. From this space, teachers can use prepared lessons from colleagues across the state, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

For more information or to find out how to access the EMS contact the project team at education.emsproject@sa.gov.au.

Department staff can find out more about the EMS (login required) on our intranet (EDi).

SWiFT – high-speed fibre-optic internet

Over 800 schools and preschools across South Australia (including 8 in the APY Lands) have received reliable and high-speed fibre-optic internet through the SWiFT program.

This year, all country schools will receive SWiFT.

SWiFT also provides advanced internet security and cyber welfare alerts for specific words or phrases, which helps to support your students’ wellbeing.

To find out more about SWiFT go to improved internet for schools or email the project team at education.swift@sa.gov.au.

Preschool Upgrade Project (PUP)

The Preschool Upgrade Project (PUP) addresses aging ICT infrastructure in preschools throughout the state. 

A number of country preschools have opted-in to the project, to be completed over the next year. Opt-in preschools will receive fast wi-fi, a laptop for all preschool directors and new tablets or computers devices for educators. 

PUP is an ongoing investment that’s supported centrally by ICT, so devices will be replaced with new ones when they come to the end of their life. 

For more information or to find out how you preschool can opt-in, email the Preschool Upgrade Project (PUP) team at education.PUP@sa.gov.au.

Regional ICT support

The Regional Support program gives country schools affordable and sustainable ICT support. The program groups remote schools and preschools together, allowing them to combine their resources and receive shared ICT support.

For more information email ICT Digital Delivery and Engagement at Education.ICTDigitalDelivery@sa.gov.au.

New ICT networks at schools at preschools

Fast and reliable internet through SWiFT is only as good as the network cabling at each school and preschool.

Over the last 24 months, close to 200 country schools have had their physical network infrastructure upgraded.

This includes everything from new wireless access points to cabling, and new wi-fi. These upgrades help country schools to access the fast and reliable internet needed to provide world-class education.

For more information email ICT Digital Delivery and Engagement at Education.ICTDigitalDelivery@sa.gov.au.