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Education for a Stronger Future

Our vision

To build a stronger future for our children by making South Australia’s education and child development system world class.

Great start

Children will have the best start to learning and life.

Better futures

Young people are prepared for work in a transforming South Australian economy.

High achievement

We have high standards and support children and young people to achieve their potential.

Fairness for all

All children will receive a quality education, whatever their circumstances.

Learning in partnership

Students, teachers, schools, parents and communities work together.

Success measures

We have identified outcomes and success measures that we know make a difference for children and young people.

Public Education Statement
The public education statement is at the heart of the government’s Strategic Directions for Education and Child Development.
Children's centres
Children’s centres support children and families to achieve the best learning, health and wellbeing outcomes.
STEM Works
A $250 million investment is providing modern STEM facilities in public schools to prepare students for jobs of the future.
Promoting the general capabilities information parent and carers.
Information for parents and carers about what children learn at school to help them live successfully in the future.