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Better futures

The final years of school are challenging and exciting. The demands of study are intense and young people are faced with choices that have long-term implications for their future.

It is important that young people graduate from their schooling with high-quality qualifications.

South Australian students have access to the world-class South Australian Certificate of Education, currently being modernised. Over the past decade, SACE completion rates have increased every year, reaching 96% in 2016. School based apprenticeships and vocational education and training are now also integrated into the SACE, which helps prepare young people for post-school pathways and lifelong learning.

Young people also need assistance to transition to further study and employment that allow them to make the best of the skills and abilities they have developed during their schooling. We want them to consider what will bring them personal satisfaction and help them to make good choices based on where their best chance at future employment lies.

By equipping young people with skills for learning and for life, we can build a stronger future for them and our state.

We will:

  • help young people make informed choices about what they learn in school
  • ensure young people graduate school with high-quality qualifications that prepare them for work and further study
  • support a broad range of vocational pathways to give young people a head start in their careers.

Our initiatives

Improving SACE delivery in schools

The SACE Improvement strategy supports school leaders to improve students’ participation, engagement and achievement in the SACE. In partnership with the SACE Board, schools will ensure that the quality of teaching and learning in the SACE remains high. The strategy also aims to ensure that young people can better understand how studying the SACE relates to a wide range of future careers and pathways.

Improved student pathways

We are implementing the Student Pathways strategy to support government schools to improve students’ transitions into further education, training and employment pathways. This includes:

  • helping young people develop career management skills that enable them to make informed decisions about their pathways through and beyond school
  • helping parents and carers provide guidance and support to children at this critical stage in life
  • increasing teacher capacity to integrate career development into the classroom.

This strategy also includes access to a wide range of pathways and support services, including vocational courses.


The South Australian Government offers school-enrolled students the opportunity to commence and complete vocational education and training (VET) qualifications while they are at school and to support SACE attainment. These nationally recognised qualifications offer students on identified pathways, such as the Australian School Based Apprenticeships, and the option of combining SACE with VET. WorkReady-supported VET in SACE plays a critical role in assisting young South Australians to complete SACE and transition to the labour market.

Future directions

  • Build more relationships with industry to create authentic STEM learning opportunities that build better career awareness
  • Continue promoting school specialisations to give students more chances to learn in the fields they are passionate about.