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Learning in partnership

Providing a rich learning experience for children and young people requires more than can be delivered within the boundaries of schools and preschools. It requires us to reach out to parents, businesses and the community, and even internationally. This is why we want to see education in South Australia characterised by vibrant engagement and partnerships ‘outside the school gate’.

In recent years we have increased the quality of training and support available to parents and carers who participate in governing councils. Alongside our dedicated school leaders, parents and carers play a vitally important role in setting the priorities for our schools and preschools.

We know we can do more to create opportunities for parents and carers to support their child’s education and development. When parents and carers value and support children’s education, children are more likely to achieve highly, and complete their schooling.

More broadly, connecting culturally will give children a real advantage when they enter the workforce. With China as our major trading partner, international connections will allow our children to be more competitive in a global economy. More importantly, they will allow them to benefit from the cultural and linguistic diversity that is increasingly characteristic of South Australian society.

We will:

  • build high levels of parent and carer trust and engagement to support learning
  • partner with the community to provide vibrant and safe environments for our children to learn and grow up
  • ensure children are equipped to communicate cross-culturally, value diversity and participate in a global economy.

Key initiatives

Parents In Education Week

Parents In Education Week is a cross-sector event connecting parents with the latest research in education and child development. A range of renowned international and national childhood and learning development experts provide practical tips and easy-to-use strategies for parents and carers to support their child’s learning at every age and stage. Parents In Education Week will continue annually with events held statewide and made available online.

South Australian Collaborative Childhood project

We have established this project to provide statewide leadership and strengthen and develop partnerships between organisations within South Australia. This involves creating an original approach to early childhood research that builds on highly regarded existing local practices, and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia principles and Child Friendly SA. Through this project we want to assert South Australia as a leader of early childhood education and child development within Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Sister school programs

The sister-school arrangements will allow virtual relationships between students in Adelaide and Shandong, China. This will allow students to enhance their literacy and fluency in each other’s languages, and also provide the opportunity for teacher and student exchange programs.

Marketing the SACE

The SACE International curriculum is currently taught by 5 colleges in Malaysia and 3 in China. Since 2015, a further 5 schools in China and 1 in Vietnam have begun to use SACE. This is an endorsement of how highly valued the SACE is as a modern, flexible qualification. We will continue to engage internationally through promoting our education system and high-quality education programs, including the SACE, overseas.

Future directions

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to engaging parents and carers in government schools and preschools, starting from the first years of their child’s life
  • Increase opportunities for teacher and student exchange
  • Develop a strategic approach to internationalising South Australian education.