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Our vision

To build a stronger future for our children by making South Australia’s education and child development system world class.

Supporting all children and young people

Education for a Stronger Future describes our priorities for public education and early childhood services. However, the South Australian government is committed to ensuring that all school sectors benefit from strategic investments in education including:

Needs-based funding

We continue to deliver increasing levels of funding for schools in all sectors. This will see all disadvantaged schools are moving closer to the level of resources they need. All sectors recognise the need for a strong needs-based funding model that provides funding certainty to South Australian schools.

STEM Works

With the aim of giving students every opportunity to claim the jobs of the future including in advanced manufacturing and defence, $500 million has been invested to modernise facilities in public and non-government schools. This includes $250 million in low-interest loans available over 5 years for the state’s non-government schools to upgrade their facilities.

SACE modernisation

The state government provided $10.6 million over 5 years to modernise the delivery of the SACE. Over time, it will support the SACE Board and schools to more effectively assess a broader range of skills that students will need to succeed in work, further training or study in the 21st century.

As well as the integration of technology into assessment, SACE subjects will be renewed to strongly promote the Australian Curriculum general capabilities (literacy, numeracy, information and communications technology, personal and social, critical and creative thinking, intercultural understanding and ethical behaviour), innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cross-sector collaboration

South Australia has a strong collaborative relationship between the government, Catholic and independent schooling sectors. In some areas we make more progress, and achieve more for our children, when we work together.

All 3 schooling sectors are working together on projects that will lift the quality of teaching and assessment in all South Australian schools. The first collaborative projects include:

  • strengthening the teaching and assessment of the Australian Curriculum general capabilities
  • improving moderation of student achievement to ensure grading approaches are consistent and grades line up with achievement standards.