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Success measures

Inviting the South Australian community to see our progress builds confidence and trust in our system. We have identified outcomes and success measures that we know make a difference for children and young people. We will publicly report on these.

Outcomes and success measures


What success looks like

Data and reporting

Children have a strong start in life

Reduce the percentage of children who are developmentally vulnerable in the first year of school

Australian Early Development Census

Students have strong numeracy and literacy skills

Increase the proportion of children reaching the highest levels of achievement in numeracy and literacy

NAPLAN scores in the top 2 proficiency bands for their year level, reported every 3 years

Students overcome the impact of disadvantage on educational achievement

Increase the proportion of disadvantaged children who are proficient in reading and numeracy and reach the highest levels of achievement in reading and numeracy

NAPLAN scores in proficiency bands that are above the national minimum standard and NAPLAN scores in the top 2 proficiency bands for their year level

Students attend school and stay engaged

By 2020, achieve a decrease of 10% in the number of students with an attendance rate less than 90%

Annual school attendance data

Students learn 21st century skills

Students demonstrate critical and creative thinking

Interim measure: Number of schools and preschools tracking the development of critical and creative thinking*

Young people are equipped to work in expanding South Australian industries

By 2020, achieve a 5% increase in the number of students who participate in South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Stage 1 and SACE Stage 2 STEM subjects

To be developed as part of STEM Learning Strategy for Preschool to Year 12, 2017 to 2020

Students are equipped to engage globally

Increase the number of students studying a language in year 11 or 12

SACE Board annual data extract

High achievement is supported by quality teaching and leadership

Increase the number of permanent teachers with ‘highly accomplished’ and ‘lead teacher certification

Increase the number of school and preschool leaders with a postgraduate leadership qualification

Human resources
data collection

Young people successfully complete their schooling

Increase yearly the proportion of  15 to 19 year olds who achieve the SACE or comparable senior secondary qualification

Increase the number of students who complete their VET qualification*

South Australia’s Strategic
Plan target

South Australians value and support public education

Parents, carers and students report increasing satisfaction with public education

Wellbeing and Engagement collection and parent surveys


* Direct measure to be developed over time.