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Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee

The Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee contributes to the prevention of death and serious injury of South Australian children.

The committee:

  • is an independent, statutory  body established under the Children’s Protection Act 1993
  • has reviewed the circumstances and causes of all child deaths in South Australia since 2005
  • collects and analyses information about these deaths from government agencies including the registrar of births, deaths and marriages, child protection, and the South Australian Coroner’s Court
  • reviews some deaths and serious injuries to children in more detail, and might look for information from agencies such as Housing SA, Department of Education and Child Development, SA Health, non-government organisations and private practitioners if they have provided services to the child or their family.

The committee provides recommendations to the Minister for Education about improvements to legislation, policies or administrative issues based on its reviews, and on the statistical information about child deaths that it has collected and analysed.


The committee reports directly to the Minister for Education and provides an annual report to the South Australian Parliament.

This report:

  • summarises the committee’s reviews and recommendations, to help prevent death and serious injury to children, and notes  government response to those reviews and recommendations
  • provides information on the deaths of children (from birth to 18 years) from many causes including illness and disease, transport crashes, suicide, and drowning
  • shows whether the death rates of vulnerable groups of children are improving or not.  These groups include  Aboriginal children, children with disability, and children living in poor socioeconomic circumstances.

Annual reports     

Information sharing

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 gives individuals a right to access records. However, the Committee is exempt from providing records under this Act, as articulated in Section 52X of the Children’s Protection Act 1993:

Information about individual cases disclosed to the Committee or a person employed (or formerly employed) to assist the Committee is to be kept confidential and is not liable to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

Committee membership and secretariat

Committee members are appointed by the Governor of South Australia and have expertise in child health and welfare, psychology, advocacy, justice, Aboriginal and youth issues.

The Committee is assisted by a small secretariat located with the Department for Education.


Child Death and Serious Injury Review Committee

Phone: 8463 6451
Emailcdsirc [at] sa.gov.au