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Towards Best Practice in Parent Involvement in Education

Towards Best Practice in Parent Involvement in Education: A literature review (PDF 365KB) is a comprehensive review of current literature relating to the impact of different forms of parental involvement in schooling.

 It is intended to be a useful resource for educators policy makers academics school leaders parents and communities who are seeking information about parental involvement in schooling. 

Professional Learning for Educators of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism Professional Learning Project (PDF 5.5MB) report surveys current literature on successful professional learning strategies for educators of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It investigates current programs, practices and attitudes towards teaching, and outlines specifications for future professional learning programs for South Australian educators in this field. 

The above report informed the development of a post-graduate course designed to build the capacity of teachers and leaders to enhance the quality of educational experiences and outcomes for students diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

The Minister for Education sponsored the Autism Spectrum Disorder Scholarships program which provided funding for 80 teachers and leaders to participate in the post-graduate course. 

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Professional Learning Project Phase 2 Final Report (PDF 1.9MB) was released in March 2018 and details outcomes of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Scholarships program.


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