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Planning for new or significantly changed non-government schools

Non-government schools planning proposals

On 10 July 2017 the responsibility for ensuring that reasonable planning requirements are applied to all proposals to establish a new or significantly changed non-government school, that is seeking State Government funding to support their operation, was transferred to the Education Standards Board. Applications will be assessed using the Standards For Registration And Review Of Registration Of Schools In South Australia (standards 1.2 and 2.11).

Groups and organisations intending to seek registration for new or significantly changed non-government schools are invited to contact the Education Standards Board or phone 8226 1215.

External Relations will be responsible for the administration of funding approvals and monitoring compliance with school funding deeds.

Relevant information /documentation submitted to the Education Standards Board for a school’s change to registration or an application for a new school,  may be shared with the External Relations Directorate in the Department for Education to assist in assessing funding applications.


External Relations

Phone: 8226 0042
Email: education.ExternalRelations [at] sa.gov.au