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Current members of the MACCSWD

Members of the Committee are appointed by the South Australian Minister for Education. They are chosen for their knowledge and experience in relation to children and students with disability. 

They may be contacted through the Ministerial Advisory Committee: Children and Students with Disability Secretariat, decdminadv [at] sa.gov.au (via email) or on (08) 8226 2416.

Committee chair

  • Ms Margaret Wallace – Minister's Nominee

Committee members

  • Dr Kerry Bissaker – Minister's Nominee (Professional Representative)
  • Ms Mary Carmody – Catholic Education SA
  • Ms Alice Duffield – Association of Independent Schools of SA
  • Ms Jacqueline Jones – Minister's Nominee (Parent Representative)
  • Ms Cathy Leane – Minister's Nominee (Aboriginal Students with Disabilities Representative)
  • Ms Debbie McInnes – Department for Education (Early Years Representative)
  • Ms Jocelyn Neumuller – Minister's Nominee (Student Representative)
  • Mr Bryon Stuut – Department for Education (Schooling Sector Representative)
  • Mr Ian May – Ministerial Co-opted member



Ministerial Advisory Committee: Children and Students with Disability

Phone: (08) 8226 2416
Email: educationminadv [at] sa.gov.au