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MACCSWD terms of reference

The committee was established in 1989 by the Minister for Education as an advisory committee under Section 10 of the Education Act 1972

Role and functions

The committee:

  • provides advice to the Minister on the allocation and application of government grants to assist children and students with disability
  • conducts research and manages projects, as required or approved by the minister
  • provides advice to the minister on issues that impact on access and participation for children and students with disability in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) settings and schools. This work is undertaken with the view to supporting these children and students to access and participate in an inclusive education on the same basis as their peers without disability
  • supports the capacity of non-government organisations to provide services to children and students with disability in early childhood education and care services and schools across the three education sectors
  • consults with community and key stakeholders
  • provides advice on other matters referred to it by the minister
  • provides information about the role and function of the committee and consults with community based organisations who have an interest in the work of the committee.

The committee will:

  • develop plans, guidelines, strategies and resources for children and students with disability, their families, educators, disability service providers and other relevant stakeholders which assist children and students with disability to access and participate in education and society on the same basis as their peers without disability
  • make recommendations to the minister on the allocation of funds for organisations that may be provided to the committee to assist children and students with disability
  • make recommendations to the minister on policy that assists children and students with disability to access and participate fully in ECEC sites and schools
  • meet with the minister at appropriate intervals to report directly on its work and to receive feedback or direction on its work program.

At the end of each calendar year the committee will submit a briefing to the minister outlining its activities and outcomes achieved in that year. This satisfies the requirement by Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular 22 to provide an annual report.

Community engagement

The committee’s work will be guided by the South Australian government’s Better Together Principles of Community Engagement.  The committee will establish and maintain partnerships with educators, education systems and authorities, early childhood services, schools, tertiary institutions, disability service providers and non-government organisations in South Australia, nationally and internationally. It will engage with students, families and the wider South Australian community.

Meetings and procedures

  • The Committee shall meet at least six times a year.
  • All meetings must be conducted by the Chair in accordance with appropriate standards for boards and committee meetings.
  • In the event that the Chair is absent from a meeting of the committee, the members present will select one of their number to Chair that meeting.
  • Formal minutes will be taken at each meeting. These minutes will be authorised by the Chair and referred to the Minister for her information once they are finalised.
  • A quorum shall be comprised of the majority of Committee members – (no fewer than 50% of members+1 including the chair).
  • The Chair may pursue decisions from members between formal meetings through appropriate out of session protocols.
  • The Committee may form subcommittees, working parties or project groups that will meet between formal meetings of the full Committee.
  • Members may be asked to consider and review documents out of session including project reports.
  • At the discretion of the Minister, positions may be reviewed and discontinued as a result of non-attendance and non-active participation in meetings and out-of-session tasks.


Members of the Committee, including the Chairperson, shall be appointed for an initial term of one year with an option to extend for a further period, subject to the Minister’s approval.

A minimum of 50 percent of the positions on the Committee must be held by women, unless otherwise determined by the Minister.

The Minister may also appoint an additional co-opted Ministerial Nominee for a set term.

Committee membership will be made up of Minister's nominees and Institutional representatives.

Institutional representatives

  • A nominee from Catholic Education SA
  • A nominee from the Association of Independent Schools of SA
  • A nominee from the Department for Education (Early Years)
  • A nominee from the Independent Education Union (SA)
  • A nominee from the Australian Education Union (SA Branch)

Minister's nominees

  • An independent Chairperson who is able to provide leadership in this area
  • A parent of a child with disability that can represent the views of parents on a range of issues related to the education and care of children and students with disability
  • An Aboriginal person with a commitment to the education and care of Aboriginal children and students with disability
  • A person who has professional involvement in disability services, education and care


Ministerial Advisory Committee: Children and Students with Disability

Phone: (08) 8226 2416
Email: educationminadv [at] sa.gov.au