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The Multicultural Education and Languages Committee (MELC) Statement: reimagining learning as intercultural engagement

The MELC Statement: reimagining learning as intercultural engagement (PDF 2.26MB) was developed in 2017 and has been endorsed by the education sector heads. It builds on the scoping paper – towards a position statement and strategy (2016, PDF  332KB), and describes an orientation and goals for education in linguistic and cultural diversity. The process of development was collaborative and informed by current research, with strategic input from educational sectors and a broad range of professional educational and community organisations.

The statement comprises:

  • a vision;  goals for learners outlining the intercultural capabilities and dispositions that all children and young people need to develop
  • an elaboration of two key ideas about learners and learning as intercultural engagement
  • suggested approaches for teachers, leaders and education sectors to realise this vision.

The MELC believes that work in this area requires a shift in understanding and that it is this conceptual shift that will lead to change in practice. The shift is towards an orientation to teaching and learning that positions students as participants engaging in diversity rather than as observers of diversity. The statement recognises the crucial role of languages, as well as reinforcing a whole of curriculum perspective that involves all educators.

The MELC Statement has resonated with principals, who are key contributors to the process of change. The statement is being seen as a focal resource for teacher professional learning.

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