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Our story

Every South Australian child and young person deserves the opportunity to be their best in life.

Children deserve a strong start, an excellent education in great schools, skilled teachers who invest in their success and to feel safe and happy.

South Australia and the Department for Education have led the nation by bringing together services that support children and young people from the day they are born.

Our people work with children, young people and their families in every South Australian community to build futures and the future of our state.

Every chance for every child

We are committed to giving every chance for every child to have the best start in life and improve their chances of future success.

Every school a great school

We are working to make every school a great school, where every student improves and is inspired to achieve and aim high.

Strong, creative, resilient learners

The professionals working for us understand children and young people. We know their strengths and what helps to make them strong, creative and resilient learners.

Protecting our children together

We provide support for children's unique needs and protect our children, together with the community.

Committed professionals

We invest in our employees, including teachers and leaders who, collectively, are an impressive force for future change and can turn good students into great students.

Delivering a high performing system

Our change agenda is building high-performing services and a professional and accountable corporate office.