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Delivering Digital 2016-2020 digital technology strategy

The Delivering Digital 2016-2020 digital technology strategy (PDF, 1.2 MB) has been developed to provide the department with a roadmap for using new technologies to drive improved learning outcomes for children and young people and increase business efficiencies.

The strategy is a deliverable as one of the 13 Change Priorities under Building a High Performing System.

Delivering Digital 2016-2020 aligns to the Government’s Digital by Default Declaration Strategy which is aimed at using technology to transform government services provided to South Australians.

This strategy is being refreshed by the end of 2018.

Strategic priority areas

Broken down into 4 strategic priority areas, the strategy sets out how digital services and applications will be improved and built upon over the next 5 years to meet the current and future needs of schools, preschools, care and protection services and the department as a whole.

The first priority area is about improving the diagnostic and evaluation tools and resources we currently use. This will form part of the work that has already began to implement a new Education Management System (EMS).

The second priority area will look at ways of providing sites with secure, reliable access to technology anytime, anywhere. This includes improving internet access and embracing the cloud as the way of the future.

The third area was focused on the former Families SA, now the Department for Child Protection. It involved improving data and analytics to support children under the guardianship of the minister. Ways education staff can receive real time information about children at risk will be investigated, supporting early intervention.

The fourth area is about making our systems more efficient. One of the ways we will do this is by transitioning existing paper based service to digital services including an Electronic Document Management System. Other initiatives include an improved Identity Management System which will improve the experience of accessing the department’s systems.

The design, development and roll out of these strategic priorities will be a collaborative approach with key stakeholders, where we will focus on regular communication, training and support.


For further information about the digital strategy contact:

Scott Bayliss, CIO, ICT Services
Phone: 8226 2437
Email: scott.bayliss [at] sa.gov.au