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Our organisational groups and their roles and responsibilities

Our organisational groups are set up to make sure that the different services work well together so we can provide the best education and care services. There are clear lines of reporting and accountability so decision-making can be open and transparent.

The leaders in our organisation need to be committed to aligning their work with each other. We need to have clear communication across the department to make sure the strategic and development plans get carried out.

This is a summary of what the different organisational groups in our department do, and what their governance structures are.

Corporate office

The corporate office has the responsibility to:

  • develop and implement strategic and operational policy for school education, and early childhood education and care
  • build and maintain systems to make sure services are delivered effectively
  • plan investments and share out resources
  • monitor and evaluate the department’s performance
  • work with various levels of government.

There is more detail about corporate governance structures.

Local education teams

Local education teams have the responsibility to:

  • identify, select and recruit site leaders
  • provide educational leadership to all sites in partnership from birth to year 12
  • provide partnership improvement planning
  • lead schools and preschools to improve learning and wellbeing of children and young people.

Local partnerships

All government preschools and schools are part of the local partnerships model. Each local partnership is a collection, defined by their location, of preschool and school sites and their communities.

Education offices – student support services

The department has a range of ways to help children and students with disability or additional needs in preschools and schools.

There is more detail about support services governance.

Schools, preschools and children’s centres

Schools and preschools have the responsibility to:

  • deliver educational services
  • improve teacher practice
  • lift educational outcomes
  • implement specific programs and initiatives
  • ensure the safety of students and employees
  • manage site resources and infrastructure.

There is more detail about school and preschool governance.

Children's centres support children and families to achieve the best possible learning, health and wellbeing outcomes. They also provide responses for children and families who might need extra support.

Governing councils, school councils and management committees

Governing councils are bodies that govern a school or preschool. It’s the joint responsibility of site leaders and the relevant council or committee to make sure their site aligns with the rest of the department.

Planning and Implementation Reporting Unit, System Improvement Division

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