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Planning and risk management


The department’s planning is guided by the legal and authorising environment. Our planning system starts with the department’s strategic plan, and covers:

  • corporate services
  • sites (preschools and schools) 
  • individual personal development plans.

Our planning, monitoring and reporting is dependent on each other. The information reported feeds back into the planning process to help make decisions about the direction of the department.

The department has adopted an evidenced-based, system-wide project management approach outlined in the project and change management best practice guide (staff login required) and recommends that all project managers follow this methodology.

Risk management

The department is committed to making risk management a part of all our operations and business culture. We see risk management as the responsibility of all employees, including contractors, business partners and volunteers. 

Our department chief executives are accountable to their ministers for developing and implementing a risk management policy.

The risk management policy (staff login required) embeds risk management into the governance and practices of the department. 

Department for Education strategic plan

The strategic plan (PDF 208KB) is the highest level planning tool for the department, with all other plans following on from it. It outlines what we aim to achieve, and our key priorities and strategies. It guides our decisions when allocating resources against each of the 5 key priorities:

  • Great start
  • High achievement
  • Fairness for all
  • Learning in partnership
  • Better futures.

Performance development planning

Performance and development planning is an ongoing process. It connects the work of all our employees to organisational planning, strategic objectives and performance standards.

Implementing a performance and development system is mandated by the performance and development policy and guidelines (staff login required). The policy is supported by the Education Act 1972 and the Public Sector Act 2009.


Induction is a critical part of our performance development planning, as it helps staff to understand the corporate governance arrangements of the department. The People and Culture Strategy explains how induction will be consistently carried out and monitored across the department.

Strategic planning cycle

The strategic planning cycle will be a coordinated approach to connecting strategic planning, operational planning, performance reviews and the implementation of system reforms. 


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