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Policies, procedures and guidelines

The department has a number of different documents that are part of our corporate governance.

You can search our list of policies and related documents.


The department’s policies and related documents (procedures, frameworks and guidelines) provide guidance for:

  • the application of specific acts and regulations
  • the core business and objectives of the department.

All of our staff must comply with these policies, frameworks and procedures.

Our corporate office, working with preschools, schools and services, is responsible for the development of all policies and related documents. These documents must be developed in line with the policy framework (staff login required).

Only the Senior Executive Group has the authority to approve policy and related documents.


A guideline is a recommended action based on evidence-based best practice. Guidelines provide specific site-level work practices to implement policies and procedures.

Guidelines must be consistent with departmental policies, frameworks and procedures and need to be approved by the relevant executive.

Central Policy unit

The corporate Central Policy unit (CPU) has the responsibility to:


Operational Policy

Phone: 8226 6443
Email: education.Policy [at] sa.gov.au