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Cadell Primary School to close at the end of 2020

Tuesday, 22 September, 2020 - 3pm

Cadell Primary School will close and amalgamate with Ramco Primary School at the end of this year following a parent vote endorsing the move.

The decision is a result of low and declining enrolments at the school, with parents polled on the possible closure and amalgamation of the school with Ramco Primary School in August.

The majority of the remaining students will be enrolled at Ramco Primary School for 2021 school year and staff are being supported based on their individual situations.

Cadell Primary School amalgamating with Ramco Primary School is in the best interests of all students and will provide greater opportunities to learn amongst peers in their own age range.


Transport options are currently being considered for students travelling to Ramco from the town of Cadell.

Quotes attributable to Murray Bridge Education Director, Stan Hagias

Parents have voted in support of the amalgamation and we will now work closely with the school to support a smooth transition for students to Ramco Primary School for the beginning of 2021.

I am confident this parent decision is a positive one and will deliver many additional and exciting learning opportunities and positive outcomes for our students.