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Extra wellbeing support

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The State Government will invest an additional $27 million over the next four years to support our most vulnerable students and their families, to help teachers get the best from their students.

An extra 16 wellbeing practitioners will be introduced to allow more schools and preschools to access support for children and young people most at risk, bringing the total number to 76.

Three quarters of public schools will also receive more support from student wellbeing leaders, with an extra 51 staff allocated to work across 332 sites. This additional allocation will bring the total count of student wellbeing leader FTE’s to around 220 across 451 sites.

To date, the child wellbeing practitioners have worked with around 2000 children and young people.

Student wellbeing leaders are based in primary schools and implement whole school wellbeing strategies, and respond to students at risk or those with behavioural issues.