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Felixstow Community School prioritises local enrolments

Thursday, 30 April, 2020

The Felixstow Community School Capacity Management Plan (CMP) has been updated to allow the school to prioritise local enrolments.  
The updated CMP, which is effective from today, includes the introduction of a school zone to ensure the school can prioritise the enrolment of local students.  
Due to Felixstow Community School being located in the existing East Marden Primary School zone, there is an area where the two zones are shared. Prospective students living in the shared area can apply to attend either school. The reception intake limit of 15 will remain the same as the initial CMP which was introduced in 2017. 
The CMP criteria also includes no automatic entry for students in any year level who have siblings at the school but live outside the school zone. Application for enrolment from these and other out of zone students will be considered by the principal on a case by case basis.  
Enrolment applications for prospective students in years 1 to 7 living in the school zone will be considered if or when vacancies exist. These applications will be considered based on the enrolment register, siblings at the school, distance from the school and any other personal needs.

Enrolment applications for special consideration, including children under the guardianship of the Minister, will be considered by the principal.

If places are not available at the time of enrolment application, prospective eligible students will be placed on the school’s enrolment register upon request, and referred for enrolment to other neighbouring schools.  
Full details of the updated plan are set out in the South Australian Government Gazette
A map of the Felixstow Community School zone is available from the Find a School or Preschool tool. Families can also use the Find a School or Preschool tool to determine their closest or zoned school.  
Quotes attributable to Acting Executive Director Infrastructure, Deb O’Riley 
Enrolments at many inner north eastern primary schools, including Felixstow Community School, are increasing due to the construction of new houses, demographic change and parents choosing government schools. 
Updating the CMP and introducing a zone is necessary to ensure a fair, open and consistent approach to enrolments and ensure that families who live locally have priority access to the school. This is important due to the increase in school age children in the area resulting from the construction of new houses and demographic change.