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Glenunga International High School – Capacity Management Plan

Friday, January 15, 2016

Glenunga International High School has established a Capacity Management Plan under the Education Act to prioritise its enrolments to children living inside the school zone.

In recent years the school has experienced a significant increase of families moving into its school zone and requesting enrolment.

To cater for the growth experienced, the State Government invested $14 million for new building works at the school to provide additional accommodation and a reconfiguration of learning spaces.

The school’s highly valued special interest program 'IGNITE' available to students with high intellectual potential, along with the school’s International Education program has made the school one of state’s most popular government high schools.

Due to this popularity, the demand for places will be managed through the Capacity Management Plan.

The plan outlines the requirements for enrolment at the school and includes some enrolment restrictions in order to manage growth in the area.

This includes a reduction and cap on the school’s International Education Program, and caps on the school’s special interest IGNITE Program and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program intake.

The school will take different actions depending on the year level of the student:

  • For students starting secondary school:
    The school will aim to accommodate all primary school students living in the school zone at the time families apply through the department’s central Year 7-8 transition process. After this process is completed, late applications will be considered if or when vacancies exist. If no vacancies exist, families will be referred for enrolment to neighbouring schools and placed on the enrolment register (which is reserved for children living inside the school zone).
  • For students Year 9 to Year 12 applications:
    Priority consideration for enrolment will be given to families living in the school zone. If the school is unable to offer a vacancy, the school will assist parents in finding an alternative placement at neighbouring schools and if requested the child will be added to the school’s enrolment register.

The plan aims to provide a balance between ensuring the school maintains its reputation as one of Australia’s highest achieving government schools, while still providing accessible education to local students.

Glenunga International High School’s Capacity Management Plan will be reviewed annually to allow for updates, or revoked once the school’s capacity has returned to a manageable level.

Full details of the Glenunga International High School capacity management plan are available through the SA Government Gazette.

DECD’s Executive Director School and Preschool Improvement Anne Millard said:

"Glenunga is a highly sought after secondary school, which has prompted the decision to establish a capacity management plan for the school.

"This will provide families a clear and transparent tool in relation to enrolling, while ensuring current students continue learning in a comfortable and safe environment.

"Glenunga will do everything it can to accommodate local students.

"If needed, it will assist families to find a vacancy at another high school in the surrounding area, all which offer a quality education through the public system."