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Kids have their say on a Children’s Commissioner for SA

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Children and young people aged 4-18 years are being encouraged to have their say about what qualities they believe a South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People should have.

Chair of The Council for the Care of Children, Professor Fiona Arney, says it’s essential that children and young people are given a voice in the decision making process about the person who will become a key advocate for their best interests.

“Children and young people are well informed, they are the experts in their own lives and can tell us about how they want to be represented,” Professor Arney said.

“We want to hear directly from children and young people about what attributes they think are needed in a Commissioner, who will essentially be representing them and their rights.

“Capturing these views helps us to better understand what is important to them, so we can ensure these sentiments are reflected where possible when appointing a Commissioner.”

The Commissioner will play a critical role in providing oversight on matters relating to the development and wellbeing of children and young people and amplifying their voices, including those of vulnerable groups.

Children and young people have until Friday 12 June to provide their input via an online quiz, or write or draw their feedback on pre-paid self-mailers.

“I strongly urge parents to encourage their children to complete the ‘Commissioner’ quiz and to have their say about the type of person they think a Commissioner for Children and Young People should be, and how a Commissioner should find out what matters to them” Professor Arney said.

Of the 500 young South Australians who have provided feedback about what they are seeking in a commissioner, 81% indicated it should be someone who they can trust, 62% indicated it should be someone who would be easy to talk to and 57% indicated the Commissioner should be a good listener.

A report of the feedback will go to the Minister for Education and Child Development and to the Child Protection Systems Royal Commissioner in July. The report will also be published.