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Learning plans simplified

Monday, November 20, 2017

Developing and managing personalised learning plans for children and students will now be easier for teachers and support staff with the introduction of a single online system to be implemented in all government schools and preschools across the state.

The One Child One Plan project (OCOP) allows educators to create, edit and access a consolidated learning plan in one place rather than having to manage multiple plans.

The project focuses on replacing a range of different learning plans with a single learning plan for preschool children with high support needs, students with verified disability, children and young people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and under the Guardianship of the Minister.

As part of the implementation, partnerships and sites will be supported by a team of One Child One Plan educators to access training and development and support in the writing of learning plans, an ICT help desk and a range of resources and exemplars.


OCOP will be implemented in a graduated way starting in term 1, 2018 and embedded into all DECD schools and preschools by the end of 2021.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Early Years and Child Development, Ann-Marie Hayes

Currently, there are 3 different learning plans developed to cater to the individual needs of children and young people recognised in the One Child One Plan. These plans are often developed in isolation from each other, and can result in incomplete, repetitive or conflicting information and inconsistencies of processes and practices.

This new system will make it much easier for educators and support staff to easily access the information they need in a single plan to ensure children and young people gain the full benefits of their education.

Trialling the system in the Murraylands has allowed us to see what works and what we need to be further developed so that it can be effectively implemented in all our schools and preschools over the next 3 years.

I am confident this initiative will support the education and development of children and young people with personalised learning and support plans so they can successfully achieve their learning goals.