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Mark Oliphant College caps enrolments at 1,600

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mark Oliphant College (MOC) will cap its student population at 1,600 and introduce a formal Capacity Management Plan to give families living within the school’s catchment zone priority access to available places.

Under the plan, which was published in the Government Gazette today, the school will limit the number of students entering reception each year to 72.

Priority for these places will be given based on factors such as enrolment at the MOC preschool, duration of time the family has lived in the school zone, whether the child has a sibling attending the school and whether a family has been relocated to the zone by the defence force.

In addition, places in year 8 will be restricted to those meeting specific eligibility criteria such as living in the school’s catchment zone and having attended the primary school.

Applications for enrolment from outside the reception and year 8 intakes will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria, with places offered only if a vacancy becomes available.

Anne Millard, DECD’s Executive Director of School and Preschool Improvement said the move is necessary to ensure a fair, open and consistent approach to enrolments.

"The plan ensures that families who live in the school zone have priority access to Mark Oliphant College.

"Overall school capacity in the northern suburbs remains very strong and there are a number of good alternatives in the area.

"The school’s popularity reflects the outstanding environment which has been crated since the College was founded and the strong results which are being achieved by its students.

"This move will ensure the school community can continue to operate in safety and comfort in the years ahead."

Full details of the plan are set out in the Government Gazette.