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Mawson Lakes School updates CMP

Thursday, 17 January, 2019 - 12am

More local families will be able to enrol their child into reception at Mawson Lakes School following the successful management of enrolments through the existing capacity management plan introduced in 2016.

The updated plan, which will be effective for enrolments from 2020 onwards, has an increased reception intake cap and the school zone has been expanded to include all students living in the suburb boundary of Mawson Lakes, which includes ‘The Sanctuary’ housing development. 

Under the plan, priority consideration will continue to be given to prospective students who live within the expanded school zone. 

Any reception student offered enrolment at the school and who is eligible to attend an Intensive English Language Centre (IELC), will be able to attend an IELC during reception and begin year 1 at the school the following year. 

Enrolment applications for prospective students in years 1 to 7 living in the school zone will be considered if or when vacancies exist. These applications will be considered based on the enrolment register, siblings at the school, distance from the school and any other personal needs. 

Enrolment applications for special consideration, including children under the guardianship of the Minister, will be considered by the principal. 

If places are not available at the time of enrolment application, prospective eligible students will be placed on the school’s enrolment register upon request, and referred for enrolment to other neighbouring schools.


Full details of the plan are set out in the Government Gazette. 

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Infrastructure, Ross Treadwell

Introducing the plan in 2016 has enabled the school to return to a sustainable enrolment level and make room for more prospective students who live locally to attend in years to come. 

Maintaining the plan is necessary to ensure a fair, open and consistent approach to enrolments and ensure that families who live in the school zone have priority access to the school.