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New music strategy

Tuesday, 21 November, 2017 - 12am

The State Government will invest $5.12m over the next 4 years into improving the delivery of music education in public schools and providing greater pathways for students to pursue further study and careers in the music industry.               

Working in partnership with instrumental music and classroom teachers, the University of Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium of Music, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and various state music bodies, the State Government will set out a strategy to support public school students to pursue careers in music-related fields within the state.

Insight from educators and music professionals will help map out ways to further build on schools’ capacity to teach music, and encourage students to identify employment pathways to confidently pursue careers in music.

This strategy will link in with the instrumental music program which provides music tuition free of charge to students from years 3 to 12. The program is currently offered through 19 government schools and their outreach schools across the state, and caters to more than 7500 students.

The number of students accessing music through the instrumental music program has increased by 26% since 2015.