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New teaching excellence academy

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Teaching Excellence and Leadership Academy will be created in South Australia to lift school and preschool performance and ensure that every child is supported to be their best.

An additional $16 million will be invested in the Academy to focus on professional development, supporting the progression and retention of world class teachers in South Australian public schools.

It will also boost support for teachers to become experts in numeracy, literacy, languages, critical and creating thinking, intercultural understanding, responding to students with learning difficulties and students who are gifted.

The new Academy will help South Australia build a pool of highly skilled professionals to fill the gap left by staff approaching retirement age.

Teachers and leaders will also be supported by a range of other new initiatives, including:

  • A new $2.85 million Employee Wellbeing Program to enhance the range of support offered to teachers, leaders and support staff to help build their resilience and manage the emotional demands of their work. The Program will be available to 30,000 professionals working across 1,000 sites.
  • Recruitment of an additional 10 Education Directors. This will take the number of education directors to 30 and means that from next year there will be an average of one Education Director, backed by a local education team, for every 30 schools and preschools, compared to one for every 46 schools and preschools currently.
  • An online system to help manage performance and talent development and improve accountability and results.

The first step in establishing the Teaching Excellence and Leadership Academy will be to engage an experienced independent firm to review the current approach and identify global best practice to inform how the Academy delivers effective, high impact professional development.

This will involve teachers and leaders, as well as consultation with professional associations and expert panel members.