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Parent resources to help children and young people learn

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A series of free resources providing parents with tips and ideas for supporting their child’s learning at home have today been released and are now publicly available online.

Five ‘Helping children and young people learn’ fact sheets have been developed to inform parents on how they can actively engage in their child’s education in every stage of their learning.

The series provides guidance on what parents can do in early years, primary and secondary school, as well as how they can learn together as a family, and what they can do to maintain communication with their child’s school.

To complement these, schools will also be distributing curriculum information sheets outlining what their child will be learning during the year.

Parents and families can access the ‘Helping children and young people learn’ resources and additional information on the Department for Education and Child Development website.

Curriculum information can be accessed through the ACARA website.

The 5 fact sheets are based on the latest research by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and ACT government.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Early Years and Child Development, Ann-Marie Hayes
Parents and families play a big role in their child’s learning and this is reflective in every aspect of their life such as their grades, attendance, and overall wellbeing.

There are so many ways parents can help their child get the most out of their education such as asking questions about specific subjects, providing ongoing encouragement and support, and staying connected with their child’s school or preschool.

No matter their background or education level, there are a number of ways parents can be involved in their child’s education and these new online resources are available for schools and parents to provide advice and generate ideas.

Parent engagement is a priority focus area and we will continue to promote its value through our schools and preschools, as well as Parents in Education Week in September and our Parent Initiatives in Education grants.