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Public schools face first performance reviews

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The next phase in a comprehensive plan to deliver improvements in South Australia’s public schools and preschools begins today with the first two DECD Partnership Performance Reviews.

Over the next year a panel of senior DECD executives will meet with principals and preschool directors from each of the 60 DECD Partnerships to identify achievements and opportunities for improvement at the schools and preschools they lead.

DECD Chief Education Officer Jayne Johnston, who will chair the panel, said the reviews will be instrumental in setting the direction of improvement activities within each Partnership.

“The reviews will strengthen accountably and help us identify successful practices so they can be shared with other schools, preschools and Partnerships,” Ms Johnston said.

“This is an opportunity for us to ensure that schools and preschools are progressing the strategic direction set out by the department and for the Partnerships to provide direct feedback to DECD’s Senior Executive Group.

“It is an open dialogue to identify what is working, what isn’t and what we can do to help every school and preschool deliver better educational outcomes for students.”

Each review will consider how the Partnership is working together to improve outcomes for students and will identify collaborative actions the Partnership will take to make results even better.

The Partnership Performance Reviews are the next step in a comprehensive suite of reforms to strengthen improvement and accountability which began this term with the first external school review.

Ms Johnston said the review process will be an annual event for Partnerships and will be extended to all areas of the department over the next two years.

“Adopting this approach across the organisation will strengthen accountability and give staff a greater opportunity to provide feedback to managers and executives.”