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Rose Park Primary limits enrolments

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Rose Park Primary School is introducing a formal Capacity Management Plan to give families living within the school’s catchment zone priority access to available places.
Under the plan published in the Government Gazette today, the school will only be accepting enrolment applications for Reception students starting in 2017.
Enrolment priority will be given to families living inside the school zone or to those who have siblings attending the school prior to the end of Week 10, Term 3.
From the start of 2017, the school will only consider siblings living outside of the school zone if a vacancy is available. Enrolment for students in years 1 to 7 will unfortunately not be accepted for 2017.
Following Linden Park Primary School’s successful management of enrolments through their plan introduced for 2016, the school will again be able to offer enrolment to families living inside the school zone who are in years 1 to 7 if a vacancy has become available in 2017.
Priority consideration will be given to applicants already on the enrolment register and no new international students will be admitted to either school.
The school has updated their plan to reflect this change, and will review enrolment criteria for 2018.