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Scholarships for students in STEM

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

STEM scholarships available for underrepresented students

Seventy scholarships are available to support the continuous involvement of student groups normally underrepresented in STEM learning and career pathways to help them complete their SACE with a focus on STEM.

The scholarships, which are worth up to $10,000, will assist female students, Aboriginal learners and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who demonstrate an interest in STEM subjects in South Australian state schools.

Scholarship money will support the cost of tutors, laptops, textbooks, excursions or any other strategy or service that directly supports the student to achieve in their chosen subjects.

Successful students will also have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program and other activities that support characteristics of STEM learning and career awareness in STEM industries.


Applications are now open and will close 31 August 2018. Eligible students will be invited to submit a written application that demonstrates their commitment to studying and pursuing STEM subjects and pathways.

The $1m scholarship fund was created in 2017 to support high school students from underrepresented groups to pursue STEM subjects at a tertiary level.

Round 1 awarded 42 high school students with a scholarship, of which 5 were sponsored by DXC Technology.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Learning Improvement, Susan Cameron

The demand for STEM specialisations is increasing and it’s important as the industry’s workforce grows that it is diverse and inclusive of all backgrounds.

We want to create opportunities so that all our students recognise their potential and are fully supported to confidently consider a future career in STEM.