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Support for principals to increase

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More than $6 million will be provided over the next 4 years to increase the direct support available to principals to manage their staff and help ensure they have the best teachers in their schools.

Results of a survey based on whether principals should have the power to dismiss teachers found that principals want corporate support from the department and wanted the final decision, process and appeals to remain with Corporate Office.

The support package for principals is part of the State Government’s Public Education Action Plan: Your Child, Their School, Our Future.

As part of the expanded support package:

  • Principals will receive more support to provide feedback to staff and support their development
  • An expanded performance team will provide guidance to principals undertaking the performance management processes
  • The final decision to terminate staff will remain with central office

School principals and preschool directors were invited in term one to complete a survey about their level of autonomy with respect to their ability to select, employ, manage and terminate staff. The survey closed on 10 March 2017.

The change will see DECD provide ongoing funding for the performance management team for each of the next three financial years, with resourcing increasing year on year until 2021 when it will have doubled.