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Tantanoola Education Review

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 10

Local families, educators and the broader community of Tantanoola will be invited to provide feedback on the future primary education needs of young people in the area.

The Tantanoola Education Review will allow the community to objectively look at what will provide the best educational outcomes for the young people while considering the social and economic needs of the local community. 

A committee has been formed to facilitate the review and look at a range of information that will help form a recommendation.

At the conclusion of the review period the committee will provide recommendations based on the feedback provided.

The community will be asked to submit their feedback in writing to the Mount Gambier Education Office at a date to be advised.


The Education Department suspended the service of Tantanoola Primary School for 2020 due to low and declining enrolments.

Quotes attributable to South East Coast and Vines partnership, Mount Gambier 2 Portfolio Education Director, Dr Ruth Schubert

This is an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on their primary education needs. 

We want to hear from our local families and community to find out what really matters to them when it comes to education and supporting young people in the area.