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Trinity Gardens School CMP

Thursday, 28 November, 2019

Priority consideration for entry to the preschool will be given to prospective applicants who live inside the preschool catchment. The preschool intake limit aligns with the mainstream Reception intake limit, to ensure all preschool students can be accommodated at the school, should they wish to transition to Reception at Trinity Gardens School. 
The number of mainstream students entering at reception will be limited to 78, with priority consideration given to children who live within the school zone.  
If more than 78 applications for enrolment are received from parents living in the school zone, places will be offered based on whether any, all or a combination of the following applies:

  • the child is currently attending the school’s preschool program
  • the child has a sibling currently enrolled and will be attending the school in the same calendar year
  • the length of time the child has lived in the school zone  • the distance of the child’s residence from the school
  • other personal needs such as curriculum, transportation/location convenience, social/family links at the school.  

The school’s Steiner Education program will continue and is limited to 30 students entering the school at Reception.  
Enrolment in the St Morris Unit for students with disability is not dependent on students living in the school zone due to its status as a regional facility. 
Any reception student offered enrolment at the school and who is eligible to attend an Intensive English Language Centre (IELC), will be able to attend an IELC during reception and begin year 1 at the school the following year.  
Applications for enrolment from prospective mainstream students in years 1 to 7 who live in zone will be considered if or when vacancies exist. 
Applications for enrolment from out of zone students, including siblings of St Morris Unit students, will be considered by the principal on a case by case basis in accordance with the Education Regulations 2012. 
No International Education Program places will be offered at the school or preschool. 
Enrolment applications for special consideration, including children under the guardianship of the Minister, will be considered by the principal.    If places are not available at the time of enrolment application, prospective eligible students will be placed on the school’s enrolment register upon request, and referred for enrolment to other neighbouring schools. 
Families who have already received enrolment offers for preschool or reception at Trinity Gardens School in 2020 will not be affected by the CMP. 
Full details of the plan are set out in the Government Gazette
Quotes attributable to Executive Director Infrastructure, Ross Treadwell 
This plan will enable the school to return to a sustainable enrolment level and make room for more prospective students who live locally to attend in years to come.  
The plan is necessary to ensure a fair, open and consistent approach to enrolments and ensure families who live in the school zone have priority access to the school.  
Additional accommodation has been provided to the school in recent years to assist with increasing enrolments. The implementation of a CMP is another strategy to assist the school with managing enrolments at what is already a relatively large school. 
We are also investing $6m in capital works at the school to upgrade facilities.