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Updated CMP for Glenunga IHS

Friday, May 31, 2019

Glenunga International High School’s Capacity Management Plan (CMP) has been updated to accommodate local growth.

The updated CMP includes:

  • an increase in the year 8 student enrolment ceiling from 325 to 370
  • a minimum of 30 places will now be reserved for in-zone students in the school’s IGNITE special interest program for gifted and talented students, with the total number of places in the program remaining unchanged
  • some restrictions on applications from out of zone siblings.

The number of places that can be offered in the International Education program and the number of additional students living outside the school zone who can be offered a place in year 11 or 12 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program remains unchanged.

Applications for enrolment from prospective students in years 9 to 12 who live in zone will be considered if or when vacancies exist.

There are some restrictions on applications from out of zone siblings as there is no automatic entry in any year level for prospective out of zone students with siblings at the school.

If vacancies exist, application for enrolment from these and other out of zone students will be considered by the principal on a case by case basis in accordance with the Education Regulations 2012. This is consistent with the CMPs recently gazetted for other schools.

Enrolment applications for special consideration, including children under the guardianship of the Minister, will also be considered by the principal.

The updated CMP will come into effect from today, meaning those families who have already applied to attend the school in year 8 in 2020 through the transition process will have their applications assessed under the criteria of the previous CMP.


The school’s initial CMP was introduced in January 2016. Full details of the updated plan are set out in the Government Gazette.
It is important to note that the CMP update is not in response to the move of Year 7 to high school in 2022, but rather to address increasing population growth within the school zone.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Infrastructure, Ross Treadwell

The updated CMP increases enrolments at year 8 by 45 places and means the school can prioritise local families while also maintaining the special interest IGNITE program for gifted and talented students.

As part of our Capital Works project the school has been allocated $29.2m in funding which will increase the school’s capacity to accommodate local population growth and the year 7 to high school transition in 2022.