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NAPLAN update

Date of Publication: 
Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 00

Due to connectivity issues experienced at a national level a decision was taken to give students whose NAPLAN tests were significantly disrupted on Tuesday 14 May the option to re-sit the affected test.

The re-sit will take place on Tuesday 28 May.

Affected schools that chose to take up the option have contacted parents to offer a re-sit.

Re-sitting the affected test is entirely optional and students will not be required to participate if they do not wish to do so.

While reported disruptions to online platforms have reduced to almost zero since the first day of testing, the re-sit will be undertaken with paper and pen.

NAPLAN is only one measure of student capability and parents can be confident that schools will be able to provide insight into their child’s progress in all areas of learning through a combination of NAPLAN results and other assessment methods.

The outcome of the second test will be the result that is recorded for NAPLAN 2019.