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Bushfire brochure for families

4 November 2016

As we commence the bushfire season it’s important that you know what to expect from your school or preschool and what they should be doing in the event of a bushfire situation.

A new Bushfires and Your Child’s School or Preschool brochure (PDF 648KB) has been released to help you with this.

The brochure reminds you to familiarise yourself with your school or preschool’s emergency management plan. It asks you to ensure your child’s school or preschool has up-to-date contact details for your family.

It also explains what to do in a bushfire emergency situation and includes a checklist to help you to prepare for the upcoming fire season.

The brochure also introduces the DECD Emergency Information Hotline as the place for you to contact for the most up-to-date information on school or preschool bushfire-related questions.

The hotline operates on a 24 hour daily basis and an out of hours messaging service is available at all times. The hotline number is 1800 000 279.

The brochure has been created in response to the department’s 2015/16 Fire Danger Season and Pinery Fire review recommendations (PDF 512KB).

Hard copies of this brochure will be provided to all schools and preschools that have a bushfire rating of R1 (extreme/very high) and R2 (high) and those within the Pinery fire-affected area.