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Early childhood vaccine procedure

14 January 2017

From term 1 2017 parents and carers with children enrolled in a government preschool, rural care, occasional care, family day care or respite care service will be asked to provide evidence of their child’s immunisation status under a new procedure aimed at protecting children against vaccine preventable diseases (VPD).

Parents and carer givers can provide immunisation evidence by showing their service a copy of their child's:

  • SA Child Health and Development record (known as the 'Blue Book') or
  • Australian Immunisation register (AIR) history statement which can be accessed by:

The Blue Book can be presented as evidence of a child’s immunisation status, where the record has been completed by the doctor or nurse.

After each vaccination, an updated AIR history statement or the updated Blue Book is to be provided for sighting by the service.

Children who have a medical reason for not being vaccinated are required to have a general practitioner complete an exemption form. A completed copy should be provided to the site or service.

If a child is not up to date with their immunisations and there is an occurrence of a vaccine preventable disease at the service, their parents or care givers will be asked to keep their child away from the service for a period of time which is known as an exclusion period.

The exclusion period is determined by SA Health and is designed to protect those who are at risk of getting the disease and those who may be able to pass the disease onto others.

While it is not mandatory to show evidence of a child’s immunisation status, if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease then the child will be treated as not up to date with their immunisations and excluded.

The department will work with government early childhood services and their staff to support the procedure and aims to have it fully implemented statewide by the start of term 2 2017. For more information visit sa.gov.au, email decd.ecsupport [at] sa.gov.au, or contact your local government early childhood service when school resumes in term 1.