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Meet child protection volunteer Renae Evans

11 May 2016

Renae is a busy mum of 3 and a fourth-year psychology student who has been volunteering with Families SA Port Lincoln for 7 months. 

Renae is one of 230 volunteers we depend on to ensure children and young people in care have the support of a person who enjoys spending time with them and helps them to develop life skills.

As a child protection volunteer, Renae spends her time with children and young people taking on a range of roles such as transporting children to and from appointments, life story work, and helping with recreational activities.

Renae said Families SA offers a great deal of support and training to their volunteers. 

“They really look after their volunteers and I couldn’t imagine not being a part of the organisation. 

“I particularly enjoy spending time with children and young people to create their life story book.

“The life story book is a tool used to record the details about a child or young person’s history and personal development, helping them make sense of their family history, and documenting their achievements.

“We spend hours scrapbooking family photos, and recording milestones and stories that will help these young people have a sense of connection and identity as they grow and develop.

“Volunteering has increased my abilities, skills and confidence, and has given me a practical insight into a career in psychology,” Renae said.

Families SA is reaping the rewards of Renae’s can-do attitude and is pleased to have such a positive and committed volunteer on the team.

Whether you want to gain a new experience or skill, take on a new challenge or simply just help out, there’s a chance you’ll have something valuable to offer by volunteering.

Our volunteers are supported with training and ongoing support.  More information can be found on the Child Protection website.