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Special options pathways

9 December 2016

Twenty five additional special options pathways will be established in schools and preschools across the state as part of a $10m strategy aimed at creating and improving services for children and young people with disability.

The Students with Disability and Additional Pathways Strategy will provide an increased range of special options pathways, increased funding through the Learning Difficulties Grant, and increased funding to the Preschool Support Program.

As part of the increased special options there will be an addition of 2 Inclusive Preschool Program classes, 12 secondary special classes, 8 junior primary and primary special classes, and 3 brand new disability units.

These new options will provide over 250 places for children and young people with disability.

Most sites will have their services up and running by the start of term 1 2017.

View a list of the new special options and access full lists of the special schools, special units and special classes.