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$13m to support teachers in year 7 to HS move

24 June 2019

A $13 million package of professional learning for teachers and principals will help deliver full value from the move of year 7 into high school.

The program represents one of the biggest single investments into professional learning ever made by the Department for Education.

It includes funding for further tertiary qualifications for primary teachers to make the move to high school, as well as professional learning for high school teachers to expand their knowledge in teaching and supporting early adolescents.

These will be modelled on successful programs delivered in Western Australia and Queensland when they recently moved year 7 into high school.

All high schools, area schools and R-12 schools will receive a share of $2.85 million in establishment grants to help them prepare school learning environments and facilities for incoming year 7 students.

Funding will also be provided to support high school leaders to plan for year 7 entry in 2022.

The development of the professional learning strategy that will guide the deployment of the $13 million investment is underway and will be the focus of engagement with key stakeholders in 2019.

It is anticipated that programs will begin to be delivered in 2020.

The professional learning needs of SSOs and other ancillary staff to support the successful move of Year 7 from primary into high school are also under consideration.