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21 January 2021

Improved school and preschool profile pages, a better search experience and a fresh, modern look are the main features of the redesigned Department for Education website, which now groups information by audience type to make navigation easier.

Communications Director, Leah Manuel says extensive user testing and close analysis of data from the previous 12 months has helped ensure that high demand information is now easier to find.

“We’ve used the insights gleaned from the 1.6 million visitors and nearly 7 million page views over the past 12 months to create a more intuitive user experience.

“We identified the highest traffic pages from the old website and put them right at the top of the new home page to provide easy one-click access. The department’s strategic plan is also prominently placed on the homepage, so people can see how we’re keeping ourselves accountable.

“We have also grouped information by audience type to make it easier for people to get to the information they need.

“That’s a big step forward from the previous website which offered a more traditional menu set up by subject type, which made sense from an agency point of view but didn’t reflect how the public navigates information.”  

On the new website information is grouped under 5 headings, with ‘parents and families’, ‘schools and educators’ and ‘students’ each getting their own menus. The ‘working with us’ menu provides information on employment, volunteering and providing services and ‘the department’ offers access to policies, strategies and other corporate information.

Leah says one of the key considerations in the redesign is accessibility, particularly for those with a disability.

“We are the Department for Education for everyone and it’s important that our shop window demonstrates that commitment. Everything from the font and use of images to the writing style and layout has been carefully designed to ensure equity of access.”

Leah says the redesigned website will continue to be refined based on feedback and insights from user data.

“The website is a continually evolving product and we’ll keep looking at ways we can make the user experience better. We’re keen for people to spend some time looking around and let us know what they like and where they think it can be improved.”

Feedback on the new design can be sent to education.web [at] sa.gov.au or by using the feedback tool at the bottom of every page.