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Disability funding model

3 October 2019

A new funding model supporting children and students with disability in South Australian government preschools and schools will enter its final implementation phase in term 4 this year.  

While transitional arrangements have been in place since January, new and updated eligibility criteria as well as a streamlined, single application process will take effect from 14 October.

The Inclusive Education Support Program’s eligibility criteria have been developed to align with national disability legislation and guidelines. They focus on a child’s needs rather than their disability diagnosis or label.

This approach recognises all disabilities and learning difficulties, including mental health, trauma, complex behaviours and complex health care needs.

The single, online application process will help remove a significant administrative burden for preschools and schools, allowing more time to appropriately identify and plan according to student need.

The new preschool and school funding model for children and students with disability was introduced in January 2019.

Under the new arrangements, children and students with disability requiring minor adjustments to their learning no longer need to be assessed or apply for funding. Rather, support can be accessed directly from the preschool or school via a site allocated Inclusive Education Support Program Grant.

Only children who require more targeted supports and interventions need to submit an application via a streamlined centralised panel process. 

The new model was co-designed with parent groups, disability advocates, and school and preschool representatives.