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Enrol your child in preschool now for 2021

10 June 2020

Families with children eligible to start preschool next year are being encouraged to enrol their child this month.

Children who turn 4 years of age before 1 May 2021 are eligible to attend a government preschool from the beginning of next year. Aboriginal children and children who are or have been in care are eligible to attend once they turn 3.

Enrolment applications are prioritised for families living within a preschool’s catchment area, meaning children can attend their local facility.

Where possible, families are encouraged to register their interest with their local preschool by June 30, although you can still register your interest any time during the year.

Preschool provides an important beginning to a child’s educational journey. High quality early education gives children the best start in life, providing important opportunities to learn and develop skills for learning success such as language, motor and cognitive skills, and social behaviours.

Visit the enrolling in preschool page or talk to your local government preschool to find out more.