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Experience guides education

21 May 2018

Overseeing more than 100 education sites combined, local education directors Anne Lamont, Greg Petherick and Sue George-Duif can all agree the challenges faced in their role don’t overshadow the absolute joy of working with the passionate and dedicated site leaders within our state’s public schools and preschools.

Based in the Felixstow Office, the 3 directors manage schools across eastern and north eastern Adelaide with support from their small yet dedicated teams. 

Greg is in his twelfth year as an education director in South Australia, and Anne and Sue took up the new role at the beginning of this year.  

All have a rich history of leadership and teaching roles in public education across the state, which has helped in managing and addressing the different needs of the sites in their respective portfolios. 

The three directors and their teams work hard to ensure all of their schools and preschools in their areas continue to be high performing and are fully supported by their teams in working with families and leaders to ensure every child can access their local site.

“Being in leadership roles in education across the state has developed our capacity to understand and address the different needs of school communities,” said Greg

“Each individual school and preschool has its own strengths and areas where they need to improve.”

Sue agrees it’s important they work with each other and across sites to identify and offer differentiated support for individual sites. 

“It’s a challenging but vital element of our role and our teams work hard to focus on and understand the different environments so we can provide targeted and specific support to leaders on each site,” said Sue.

“We work with a wide range of preschool directors and school principals, which is essential in this process.”

Working alongside other leaders is something Anne appreciates about her role.

“I really enjoy working alongside the vast range of site leaders and seeing the commitment, energy and purpose they bring to their complex role,” said Anne

“Our leaders bring quality and rigour to their work every day, and working with them to look at where opportunities for improvement exist and taking action is very rewarding.”

The three education directors are supported by a team of principal consultants, early childhood leaders and administrative assistants who also work alongside and support their sites.